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Friday, May 10, 2024

Is It Possible to See China's Great Wall from Space? See Here The Reality

Is It Possible to See China's Great Wall from Space?

Is It Possible to See China's Great Wall from Space? See Here The Reality

The Great Wall of China is the world's biggest man-made structure and one of the most spectacular examples of architecture. The Wall juts (stretched forth beyond the surrounding surface) into the sea 5 km north of Shanhai Pass, a Ming Dynasty citadel. The Great Wall begins or ends, depending on your point of view at this fortress and continues westward to Lop Lake, China's second-largest inland lake. This lake is located along an arc that roughly defines Inner Mongolia's southern border and spans 8,850 kilometers.

Laolongtou, or Old Dragon's Head, is the name given to this section of the wall because it resembles a long dragon dipping his head and sipping water from the sea. Old Dragon's Head was constructed in 1579 during the Ming era and juts out roughly 23 meters into the Bohai Sea. China was controlled by the Ming Dynasty from 1368 AD (Anno domini) until 1644 AD.

The Great Wall of China has been the subject of numerous erroneous claims. It was said to be the only man-made building that could be seen from space. This was a roughly 300-year-old belief. Because of its enormous length, the Great Wall of China may be visible from the Moon, according to a 1754 theory put out by English scientist Rev William Stukeley. Similar to this, Italian astronomer Giovanni Schiaparelli saw wide waterways on Mars in the 19th century. These were rendered as "canals" in the English translation.

That bogus assertion, however, was refuted by NASA's Apollo mission. Interview after interview, Neil Armstrong the first person to set foot on the moon—was asked if he had ever seen the wall.

Armstrong claimed to have seen only continents, lakes, and sporadic patches of white on blue from the lunar surface no man-made structures. Alan Bean, the fourth person to set foot on the moon and pilot of the Apollo 12 lunar module, also asserted a similar point. "The only thing you can see from the Moon is a beautiful sphere, mostly white with occasional blue and yellow patches and occasional green vegetation," Alan stated. At this scale, there are no obvious man-made objects.

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