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McDonald's introduces a new summer specials in Indonesia With the debut of a new social media craze that is sweeping the internet, Ame...

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Wednesday, May 1, 2024

Brain teaser: Can You Identify Three Pandas in This Picture Without Glasses?

Brain teaser - Can You Identify Three Pandas in This Picture Without Glasses?

Brain teaser - Can You Identify Three Pandas in This Picture Without Glasses?

The greatest ways to assess your ability to observe and think critically are with brain teasers and optical illusion puzzles. It's a good way to use time and might even be used to hone these talents. A brand-new brainteaser that involves finding three pandas without glasses in a set amount of time has been making the rounds on the internet. The photograph, which has nearly a hundred pandas wearing glasses, was shared by the website Out of the jumbled group of black and white, you have to find three pandas without glasses.

Interestingly, in an attempt to mislead the audience, they have included accessories such as hats, cola bottles, ties, and peace signs beside the pandas. A couple of the pandas are also seen consuming drinks.

The pandas' clever dark eyes are a clever tactic to further confuse viewers, making it necessary for them to use glasses in order to locate the animals. Therefore, do not worry if you have not yet located the glassless pandas; we have you covered. Just be happy for those that conquered the challenge of this black-and-white picture.

Can You Identify Three Pandas in This Picture Without Glasses?

The packed, black-and-white surroundings make it challenging to detect these three pandas, despite their obvious placement. On the upper left corner of the picture is where you can see the first panda. The second panda is located to the right of the first, closer to the left side, and slightly below it. Near the bottom of the photograph, the third can be seen practically in the center.

Many online users said that they thought this puzzle was extremely "tricky." Some said they didn't need to wear sunglasses or put much effort into seeing the pandas. It took a "bleary long time," one user remarked, for them to locate the pandas.

Many such brainteaser problems and sensory-testing visuals are available. The way these problems are designed, it would take you a long time to solve them. It makes a big difference in how well you can observe things.

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