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Friday, April 5, 2024

NASA is asked by the White House to establish a unique time zone on the moon.

White House has given NASA a new mission

NASA is asked by the White House to establish a unique time zone on the moon.

The White House has given NASA a new mission. The office wants the US space agency to create a single standard time for the moon and other "celestial bodies," according to a letter released on Tuesday. The request is an attempt to establish a "timekeeping" standard.

The White House requests that NASA give the moon a new time zone.

According to the White House, the goal of the proposed Coordinated Lunar Time, or LTC, is to improve assistance for space missions in order to increase their efficiency. The White House further stated that the new time zone needs to be established by the end of 2026.

The head of the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy, Arati Prabhakar, stated in the letter that "international collaboration, economic development, and scientific discovery are fundamentally dependent on a specific time zone."

Standardizing lunar time, according to Prabhakar, will increase safety during space operations. He also noted that the development of LTC has "important implications." Time on the natural satellite travels 58.7 microseconds faster than on Earth due to the moon's lower gravity.

"The length of a second defined on Earth will appear distorted to an observer under different gravitational conditions, or to an observer moving at a high relative velocity," the letter says, citing general and special relativity.

It also states that "the area within the moon's orbit must have a consistent definition of time among users" in order to provide safe navigation for upcoming space missions.

"Cislunar space exploration opens a new sphere of human activity and offers opportunities to advance scientific understanding, exploration, and economic growth," the statement continues.

Prabhakar continued, "We are appreciative of everyone in the community who has contributed so far and to those who are still sharing their invaluable information to help build our collective understanding of this topic as we move forward.

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