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Thursday, April 4, 2024

A video went viral after an elephant in Africa attacked a safari van, dies an American woman.

Viral Video elephant in Africa attacked dies an American woman

A video went viral after an elephant in Africa attacked a safari van, dies an American woman.

A huge elephant in Zambia charged at a safari vehicle, as shown in this terrifying footage. The 80-year-old American woman perished after the 5-ton bull elephant repeatedly overturned the car.

The unidentified woman was one of six travelers traveling with the Wilderness Zambia group. They were out on a photography tour on Saturday, March 31, when the attack happened.

According to a statement from Wilderness Zambia CEO Keith Vincent, the six guests were on a game drive when the vehicle was unexpectedly rushed by a bull elephant at approximately 9:30 a.m. on Saturday morning, as reported by the New York Post.

What is shown in the video?

The elephant can be seen sprinting toward the car as it is being driven along a road bordered with bushes in video that a passenger shot. The animal charges at the car and flips it over.

A second woman gets hospitalized, and the first later passed away from her wounds. Four other people received minor medical attention.

"Unfortunately, in this case, the terrain and vegetation were such that the guide's route became blocked and he could not move the vehicle out of harm's way quickly enough," Vincent added. "Our guides are all incredibly well-trained and experienced."

The Kafue National Park administration dispatched a chopper to the location to rescue the victims. This is a sad incident, and we send the guest's family our sincere condolences. Naturally, we are also standing behind the visitors and the guide who were a part of this upsetting event, stated Vincent.

The tour group is currently making plans to bring the woman's remains back to the United States, according to the Nigerian Bulletin. Lufupa Camp in the Kafue National Park, Africa's largest game reserve, is purportedly where the assaulted group was lodging. African Parks, which also oversees 22 other wildlife sanctuaries across Africa, is in charge of running the park.

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