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Friday, November 10, 2023

Best Things To Do In Aruba Island

Aruba, the picturesque Caribbean island, is renowned for its stunning beaches and tropical climate. However, there is much more to discover on this small island, catering to couples, families with children, and all types of travelers.

Despite its size, Aruba boasts the magnificent Arikok National Park, offering opportunities for hiking, horseback riding, and thrilling ATV off-roading. Additionally, the island is adorned with captivating caves, natural rock bridges, a charming lighthouse, and numerous scenic spots perfect for photography enthusiasts.

Surprisingly, Aruba also offers exciting wildlife activities, such as visiting the Butterfly Farm and the renowned Flamingo Beach on Renaissance Island. At Flamingo Beach, you can interact with and capture memorable moments with the friendly pink flamingos as they freely roam the island.

Having recently explored Aruba extensively, we can attest to its safety, convenient accessibility from America, and affordability. Moreover, Aruba boasts an abundance of pristine white sand beaches with crystal-clear blue waters, making it an ideal destination to escape the winter blues.

This comprehensive travel guide presents our curated list of the top attractions and experiences to enjoy on the captivating island of Aruba!

Best Things To Do In Aruba Island

Enjoy The Beaches

Aruba boasts of its stunning white sand beaches, which are scattered all over the island, providing visitors with a plethora of options to choose from. Our time in Aruba was made memorable by the serene atmosphere of the beaches, where we could unwind and bask in the sun and sea.

Palm Beach is the ultimate destination for tourists in Aruba, as it offers a wide range of activities to indulge in. From luxurious high-rise resorts to restaurants, bars, and shopping outlets, there is something for everyone. The beach is also a hub for watersports enthusiasts, making it a must-visit spot.

See Arikok National Park

The Arikok National Park encompasses nearly one-fifth of the entire island of Aruba, boasting stunning vistas of the rocky coastline, pristine beaches, diverse wildlife, enchanting caves, captivating tide pools, majestic natural bridges, and picturesque hills adorned with cacti.

While Arikok may not rival the grandeur of the national parks in the United States, it is undeniably a remarkable destination that should not be overlooked during your visit to Aruba.

Horseback Riding

Horseback riding is a highly sought-after activity among visitors to the beaches of Aruba, and there are several picturesque locations such as Dos Playas, Wariruri, and Arikok National Park where you can indulge in this exhilarating experience. At GetYourGuide, we offer horseback riding tours that not only provide you with the opportunity to ride well-trained horses on the beach but also include the convenience of complimentary hotel pickup and transfer to a ranch.

During these tours, even novices and children can participate, as a knowledgeable guide will accompany them on foot, ensuring their safety and enjoyment throughout the ride. On the other hand, experienced riders have the freedom to canter and explore the surroundings at their own pace.

Apart from the thrill of horseback riding, this activity also presents fantastic photo opportunities against the backdrop of stunning views. Our guides are more than happy to capture these memorable moments for you, allowing you to fully immerse yourself in the experience without worrying about capturing the perfect shot.

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