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Friday, November 17, 2023

Best Sunrise Spot In Thailand

The Samet Nangshe viewpoint in Thailand boasts breathtaking views that are sure to leave you in awe. Getting there is also a breeze as you can easily drive from the popular tourist island of Phuket.

With its stunning view of Phang Nga Bay, a national park with numerous small islands, the Samet Nangshe viewpoint is a must-visit destination. The sunrise here is particularly stunning as it rises directly over the bay.

A day trip to Samet Nangshe viewpoint from Phuket is highly recommended, but you can also choose to stay at the Samet Nangshe Boutique Hotel for a night or two. The hotel offers rooms with a view of the same breathtaking scenery and a pool to relax in.

This travel guide provides all the information you need to know about getting to Samet Nangshe's viewpoint, whether you choose to go on a tour or not. It also includes details on where to stay and other important tips to make your trip a success.

Samet Nangshe Viewpoint

Best Sunrise Spot In Thailand

Phang Nga province offers two distinct locations to witness the breathtaking view of the bay - Samet Nangshe viewpoint and Samet Nangshe Boutique Hotel.

The hotel boasts multiple vantage points at varying levels on the hill, while the viewpoint allows the use of drones to capture stunning aerial shots of the bay.

Although most of the pictures in this blog post were taken at the hotel, the view from both places is essentially the same, featuring numerous small islands and a towering karst island that resembles a fairytale landscape.

While drones are permitted at both locations, the hotel management requests visitors to operate them in the parking lot to avoid disturbing other guests.

Upon arrival at Samet Nangshe, you will need to tackle a bit of climbing after parking your vehicle.

The viewpoint is situated atop a steep hill that spans 800 meters. To reach the top, you have two options: either take the 4x4 truck shuttle or embark on a 15-20 minute hike if you're physically fit and looking to save some money.

Bringing your own vehicle to the summit is not feasible, so these are the two choices available to you. Personally, I would highly recommend opting for the shuttle, especially if you plan on arriving before sunrise.

At the hilltop, you'll find a cozy cafe along with swings and bird nests that cater to tourists seeking picturesque Instagram photos. These attractions are particularly enjoyable for families and children.

Additionally, there are quaint primitive bungalows available for rent at a rate of 700 Baht (~$20 USD) per night. Alternatively, you can even camp in a tent for a mere 200 Baht. It's worth noting that as this place gains popularity, the prices are likely to increase.

At the Samet Nangshe Boutique Hotel, there is a similar arrangement for reaching the viewpoint. You have the option to take a shuttle or hike up yourself.

While there are multiple vantage points at the hotel, the Bay View Cafe offers the most breathtaking view in our opinion. It is situated at the highest point of the hotel.

Once the sun rises, you can indulge in food and drinks at the cafe while immersing yourself in the picturesque scenery. The view is truly mesmerizing, and we found ourselves wishing we could have spent an entire week there, simply relaxing and capturing moments through photographs.

Although Thailand's famous James Bond Island is somewhere out there in the bay, it is not visible from this particular viewpoint. However, it is convenient to embark on a day trip to the island from Samet Nangshe, and if you choose to stay at the boutique hotel, they can make the necessary arrangements for you.

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