'Not typing enough' led to a woman's 18-year firing from her employment.

Suzie Cheikho, a female consultant with Insurance Australia Group (IAG) with an 18-year career, was fired in February of this year for not typing enough while working remotely, according to The New York Post. Keystroke technology had been utilized by the business to track her performance while working from home.

Her "unfair" dismissal application was also denied by Australia's Fair Work Commission (FWC), which asserted that she was sacked for a "valid reason of misconduct," according to the New York Post.

According to the New York Post, Cheikho worked as a consultant for the insurance firm and was in charge of producing insurance documents, adhering to deadlines set by regulations, and ensuring "work from home compliance." Ironically, her own performance when working from home was deemed insufficient.

She had "very low keystroke activity" for the 49 days between October and December when the corporation employed keystroke technology to monitor her activity. The business discovered that Cheikho

She arrived at work late on 47 days, left early on 29 days, and missed 44 days of her scheduled hours of work. Additionally, it was found that she worked 0 hours on 4 days.

'Not typing enough' led to a woman's 18-year firing from her employment.

Over the course of 49 days, the female consultant averaged 54 strokes per hour. It was discovered throughout the survey that "she was not presenting for work and performing work as required."

Cheikho reportedly attended a Microsoft Teams meeting with her manager to discuss her performance while writing the word "F—k" across her palm, according to the New York Post.

In November 2022, Cheikho was issued a formal warning on her performance and placed on a performance improvement plan.

Cheikho was finally let go by her employer in February for missing deadlines and meetings, disappearing without a trace, and failing to finish a work that resulted in a fine from the industry regulator.

She filed an unfair dismissal complaint against the IAG, but the Fair Work Commission (FWC) later dismissed it. According to FWC's ruling, she was let go for "valid reason of misconduct."

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