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Tuesday, July 25, 2023

Best Things To Do in Cluj-Napoca

If you’re not particularly familiar with Romanian cities, it's understandable if you haven't come across Cluj-Napoca before. The city's tourism industry is still growing, but that shouldn't deter you from exploring this delightful and enchanting destination. Cluj-Napoca offers a unique experience with its local charm and welcoming residents, not to mention its incredible music festivals. Romania itself is a fantastic country to discover, and while starting with three days in Bucharest is a great idea, you'll soon realize that Cluj has plenty to offer as well.

Personally, I spent three days in Cluj and could have easily extended my stay. As the capital of Transylvania, it boasts a picturesque and laid-back atmosphere, free from overwhelming crowds. The locals genuinely embrace visitors, making it an even more enjoyable experience. What's not to love about that? Absolutely nothing, in my opinion!

Best Things To Do in Cluj-Napoca

So, let me share with you the top attractions and activities in Cluj-Napoca, and hopefully inspire you to explore Romania. Consider this your personal travel guide, highlighting the must-see places that you simply cannot miss during your visit to Cluj.

The National Opera House

The National Opera House in Cluj-Napoca proudly holds the title of the most elegant building in the city. Built in 1919 by Austrian architects, this magnificent structure rivals the grandeur of Vienna's architectural wonders.

Throughout its history, it has served as the home of the Romanian National Opera, adapting to the changing political landscape of Transylvania. Now firmly established in its rightful place, the opera house boasts a stunning neo-baroque exterior that is matched by its equally impressive interior.

Adorned with columns, lavish gold decorations, and luxurious crimson red seats, it embodies the epitome of opulence. Beyond opera, the venue also hosts ballet performances and even the occasional Shakespearean play. For those captivated by this rich cultural experience, the Romanian National Opera's website provides further information on upcoming shows and events.

Piata Unirii Square

Piata Unirii Square is a charming location in Cluj that offers a relaxing atmosphere for visitors to unwind and observe the daily activities of the town's inhabitants.

The square is situated beside St. Michael's Church and boasts an expansive open space that is perfect for basking in the sun. During my visit, I enjoyed a delightful afternoon sitting at one of the outdoor cafe tables, savoring the local cuisine, and watching the locals stroll by.

The square also serves as a public performance area, with a stage set up on weekends for traditional Romanian dance groups, making it an ideal spot to witness the sunset. On one side of the square, there are several cafes, including Toulouse, which is my personal favorite. The prices are reasonable, and the food is exceptional, particularly the generous and delicious pasta dishes.

Central Park

Cluj boasts of having the best air quality in Europe, and Central Park is the green lung of the city. This narrow strip of land filled with trees is situated between the city and the main canal, and it provides a cool and shady escape from the summer heat.

The park is also a hub for many of Cluj's events, including the Jazz in the Park festival. During my visit, I stumbled upon the festival while taking a shortcut through the park. The festival was a delightful surprise, with live music, street food, and happy residents enjoying the evening with their loved ones.

Even without the festival, the park has plenty to offer, including a beautiful fountain and the picturesque Chios Lake, complete with swan pedalos.

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