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Wednesday, April 26, 2023

Best Things To Do In Peja

Peja, a city nestled in the eastern part of the Accursed Mountains in western Kosovo, offers a captivating blend of tradition and modernity to inquisitive travelers.

Situated in the scenic Rugova region, this Balkan city is a haven for adventure enthusiasts, boasting ski centers and thrilling zip-lining experiences amidst the stunning natural landscapes. Additionally, Peja is adorned with centuries-old UNESCO sites and offers a taste of traditional cuisine, making it an ideal destination for those seeking a diverse and enriching travel experience.

Best Things To Do In Peja

Main Square

The Peja bus station is just a short 9-minute drive away from the Main Square. Unlike other European towns and cities, the main square in Peja is unique as it runs alongside the river. It is surrounded by numerous businesses, one of which is a meat shop that catches the eye with its enticing display of sausages in the window.

Among these sausages is sujuk, a popular and spicy sausage that is a staple in Kosovar cuisine. Despite its spiciness, it is not overwhelming and offers a chewy and fresh taste. For those who are more daring in their culinary preferences, the shop also offers a variety of organ meats.

While these flavors and textures may not be for everyone, if you appreciate the rich and distinct taste of organs like liver and kidneys, this is the perfect place for you to explore.

White Drin Waterfall

Exploring the natural beauty outside of the city is a must-do for any traveler, and one of the best spots to visit is the banks of the White Drin River near Resort Ujevara e Drinit. The river flows through a deep forest and offers a hiking path along its banks, passing by a stunning waterfall.

For those feeling adventurous, a unique bridge crosses the river above a set of waterfalls, and further along the path is the Sleeping Beauty Cave, the second-largest cave in Kosovo. Wildlife enthusiasts will also enjoy the hiking trails, as the wet forest environment is home to fire salamanders with black and orange markings. It's the perfect day trip, located just 30 minutes outside of town.

Rugova Valley

Located to the northwest of Peja, in between the city and the Kosovo/Montenegro border, lies the Rugova Canyon Valley, which is a must-visit attraction in Peja, Kosovo. This valley, shaped like a serpent, offers breathtaking views of the surrounding mountain landscapes, including alpine forests, mountain pastures, and glacial lakes.

The Rugova Canyon Valley remains mostly untouched, making it a paradise for outdoor enthusiasts seeking activities such as hiking, zip-lining, skiing, and rafting. Additionally, the area is dotted with numerous caves, canyons, and waterfalls, providing ample opportunities for exploration.

During my own visit, I unfortunately found the zipline closed. However, we stumbled upon a river that runs alongside the main highway, where we had the chance to discover two beautiful waterfalls. To our delight, we also encountered a street vendor selling local honey and beverages. Interestingly, he also crafted raki bottles from tree branches, which were available for purchase.

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