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Wednesday, April 17, 2024

The BH3 largest stellar black hole in the Milky Way is about 2000 light years away from Earth

Milky Way's BH3: A 2000-Light-Year Giant

The BH3 largest stellar black hole in the Milky Way is about 2000 light years away from Earth

The Aquila constellation contains the huge black hole known as BH3, which is only 2,000 light years from Earth and was created by the collapse of an exploding star.

With a mass 33 times that of the Sun, BH3 is the largest stellar black hole detected in the Milky Way and the second closest black hole to Earth.

The study of a companion star circling the black hole led to the discovery of BH3. The star had a noticeable wobble, which was explained by the black hole's strong gravitational attraction.

The mass and companion star's orbit of BH3 were confirmed by observations from the Very Large Telescope of the European Southern Observatory and data from the European Space Agency's Gaia mission.

The most massive stellar origin black hole in our galaxy and the second nearest observed thus far, according to astronomer Dr. Pasquale Panuzzo of the Observatoire de Paris, who is involved in the Gaia team, was shocked by the discovery.

There is a connection between stellar black holes in the Milky Way and earlier gravitational wave discoveries since the mass of BH3 is similar to black holes found through gravitational waves in far-off galaxies.

"We have only seen black holes of this mass with gravitational waves in distant galaxies," Dr. Panuzzo emphasized the connection.

"This establishes a connection between those gravitational wave discoveries and the stellar black holes observed in our galaxy."

Because many stellar black holes do not have companion stars orbiting around them, it can be difficult to identify them despite their enormous mass and gravitational pull.

Nevertheless, important information was provided by BH3's companion star, which showed that it was not tainted by debris from the starburst that created the black hole. adding to the mystery surrounding BH3's beginnings by implying that it developed long before ensnaring its partner.

Due to the importance of BH3's discovery, scientists have expedited the dissemination of information so that astronomers around the globe can begin their studies as soon as possible.

"People will rush to observe it as soon as it comes out," said Dr. Panuzzo. This will provide information about the mechanics of the black hole and how stuff falls into it, as well as the wind that originates from stars similar to the one surrounding it.

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