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Monday, April 1, 2024

Rashee Rice of the Kansas City Chiefs is wanted by the authorities. terrifying dashcam footage of a six-car collision

Rashee Rice of the Kansas City Chiefs

Rashee Rice of the Kansas City Chiefs is wanted by the authorities. terrifying dashcam footage of a six-car collision

Rashee Rice, a 23-year-old standout for the Kansas City Chiefs, is allegedly connected to a heartbreaking six-vehicle collision that happened on a Dallas freeway on Saturday. Recently released dashcam footage of the collision, which ABC's WFAA-TV was able to get, shows that the wide receiver's Corvette was involved in the tragic mishap.

The North Central Expressway is seen in the film showing two fast sports vehicles, a Lamborghini SUV and a Corvette, losing control.

At 6:20 p.m. local time, they eventually collided with four other cars. Among the other vehicles in the collision, Rice's Corvette was recognized by Dallas Police.

It's still unclear, though, if Rice was there when the serious tragedy happened.

WFAA's story indicates that the Super Bowl Champion is no longer being investigated as a suspect, despite The Dallas Morning News' initial assertion that he was being sought by the police for additional information. Furthermore, according to CBS Sports NFL expert Josina Anderson, "Rashee Rice has retained counsel."

Horrifying Dallas Car Accident: Any People K!lled?

Thankfully, none of the lives engaged in the accident suffered any significant harm. Four individuals received minor injuries; two were treated on the spot, while the other two were sent to a nearby hospital.

Before the police came, the drivers of the fast sports vehicles left the scene. The 27-year-old Kayla Quinn was reportedly in one of the vehicles involved in the collision. Her Hyundai Accent "was side-swiped on the driver's side while driving home," according to reports. Quinn was driving home from the Fort Worth Zoo with her son. Still, nobody came to see how they were doing.

Quinn's shoulder was still hurting as she spoke to the media outlet, but first responders treated her 4-year-old kid at the site. She sent them a video that demonstrated the damage caused by the collision that rendered her automobile "undrivable."

Quinn claimed that one of the men from the Lamborghini had walked out to save a person from the Corvette. Subsequently, they allegedly took luggage and firearms from the automobiles before leaving the area. Furthermore, onlookers witnessed them leaving as well.

Rashee Rice: Who is he?

According to reports, the North Texas native resides a short distance from the crash site. After completing his studies at Richland High School, he transferred to Southern Methodist University to play collegiate football. The wide receiver, 23, was chosen in the NFL draft of 2023. With six receptions for 39 yards against the San Francisco 49ers in Super Bowl LVIII, he also helped lead the Kansas City Chiefs to victory.

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