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Monday, April 22, 2024

Is This The The Way? - Employees of Air India Found Abusing Passenger's | Fragile Baggage

Air India Found Abusing Passenger's Fragile Baggage

Is This The The Way Employees of Air India Found Abusing Passengers Fragile Baggage

It is astonishing how commonplace it has become for airport employees to mishandle luggage, especially delicate items.

A startling video that showed how carelessly Air India ground crew handled a passenger's "fragile" possessions recently went viral.

Via the plane's window, the traveler himself took the footage. By sharing the video on Instagram, the guitarist and sound engineer from Mumbai conveyed his dissatisfaction.

A staff member is seen in the video throwing the musical instrument onto the luggage carrier. Passengers who have experienced similar instances are more irate as a result of this thoughtless behavior, which has raised general concerns about luggage safety. People on social media are already criticizing airlines for their carelessness and calling for increased responsibility as well as consideration for the possessions of customers.

Two members of the ground crew can be seen in the video scooping up the musical instrument and then carelessly tossing it into the luggage truck. The person checking luggage ignores the warnings even though the instrument has an obvious fragile sticker on it. "Is this the way you handle fragile item?" the man tagged Ratan Tata and Air India. "Please share this video with your friends and challenge the Air India Authorities," he continued.

While several social media users berated Air India for disobeying the regulations, one person offered information about why ground crew members handle bags so carelessly.

Views on the video had exceeded three million. What opinions do you have on this?

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