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Monday, April 1, 2024

Here are the details of American Airlines easing of its pet-owner rules.

American Airlines easing pet-owner rules

Here are the details of American Airlines easing of its pet-owner rules.

American Airlines has made the decision to loosen its pet policy, which will save owners money. Pet owners can now enter the cabin with their animal friend and a full-size carry-on luggage as part of the airline's updated policy.

Before this modification, travelers with pets were only allowed to bring one small item under the seat, and there was a $150 pet fee.

According to the Associated Press, travelers at the time had the option of checking one larger carry-on bag with wheels for a cost of $35 or checking their pet in the cargo hold.

Pet owners are relieved by a policy change implemented by American Airlines.

Flyers felt the regulation unjust because, prior to the $150 cost, pet owners could bring one more small personal item on the aircraft. Passengers on American Airlines who are traveling with pets can now rest easy because the new policy will make their flight more affordable.

Travel blogger Gary Leff, who first reported on the move, reminisced on Friday about trips he took with a Yorkshire terrier years ago. According to the outlet, he said that "it was always frustrating that the dog counted as the carry-on even though I was paying the extra (pet) fee that was sometimes more than the ticket for me." Leff continued, "With this new change, passengers won't feel pressured to mislabel their pets as assistance animals in order to dodge the fee."

On Thursday, a representative for American Airlines informed the media about the modification, saying, "We made the change to provide customers whose pets fly American a more convenient and comfortable experience." The airlines' announcement of higher baggage check-in fees coincides with the policy change.

The cost of checking a bag into a domestic aircraft on American Airlines is now $35 when done online, up from $30 previously. Travelers would have to pay $40 if they wanted to check their luggage in person at the airport. Meanwhile, fliers now have to pay $45, instead of $40, for a second checked bag, whether they check it in or out online.

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