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Sunday, April 28, 2024

Anwar travels to Riyadh for a special gathering of the World Economic Forum

World Economic Forum visit by Anwar from Riyadh

Anwar travels to Riyadh for a special gathering of the World Economic Forum

In town for a three-day business visit, Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim landed on Saturday night and will be attending the special gathering of the World Economic Forum (WEF).

Waleed A. El-Khereiji, the vice-minister of foreign affairs for Saudi Arabia, welcomed Anwar and the members of the Malaysian delegation upon their arrival.

Mohammed Hasan, the foreign minister, and Wan Zaidi Wan Abdullah, the ambassador of Malaysia to Saudi Arabia, were also present to greet them.

The two-day WEF special conference, with the subject "Global Collaboration, Growth, and Energy for Development," will take place in Riyadh starting on Sunday.

Mohammed claimed that Anwar has received an invitation from Saudi crown prince and prime minister Mohammed bin Salman to participate in a panel discussion with other world leaders at the start of the special conference. "A Novel Vision for Global Development" is the topic of the panel discussion.

In light of Malaysia's 2025 Asean chairmanship, Anwar is also anticipated to give the opening comments at a joint regional strategy dialogue of the Asean-Gulf Cooperation Council.

He will also speak with notable business executives about Malaysia's economic prospects during a country strategy dialogue.

He has bilateral meetings planned with a number of leaders on the fringes of the summit, including Paul Kagame of Rwanda and Bisher Hani Al-Khasawneh, his counterpart in Jordan.

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