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Saturday, February 3, 2024

Best Restaurants in Goa for Vegans of 2024

Vegans may find it difficult to eat when traveling because there aren't many restaurants that meet their dietary needs.

However, Goa will not provide you with such problems.

Yes, there is a thriving vegan food scene in this well-known coastal town with plenty of places to eat fish and seafood.

Vegan eateries and cafés have proliferated around the state in recent years.

The top nine vegan-friendly eateries in Goa are listed below.

Best Restaurants in Goa for Vegans of 2024

Bean Me Up

This vegan café in Vagator serves smoothies, granola porridge, oat waffles, scrambled tofu, and a few pre-made breakfast options.

Additional dishes available include baba ghanoush, wontons, fried tofu, rice noodle soup, bean burgers, tofu wraps, tacos, stir-fries, curries, various pasta dishes, and fresh salads. There are also gluten-free choices available here.

One of Goa's distinctive eateries, Bean Me Up features a store and a yoga area in addition to serving fresh, vegan cuisine. This location is well-known for its fair-trade business methods and organic products.

Blue Planet Café

One of the most well-known vegan eateries in south Goa is the Blue Planet Café, which is housed in an eco-resort near Agonda. It is well-known for its organic products as well. You are welcome to visit for lunch, dinner, and breakfast.

In addition to substantial vegan dishes like red rice chapati, millet bread sandwiches, tofu-pumpkin pie, semolina bread, pumpkin hummus, chocolate cake, and so on, try the smoothies, salads, and juices. One of the greatest eateries in Goa with a view is this one as well.

While you eat delectable food here, take in the views of the lush hills and rice fields.

Bodhi Greens

In Ashwem, North Goa, indulge in sumptuous cuisine at this vegan restaurant. Savor foods like baked beetroot burrito, tempeh pizza, panko-crusted tofu, avocado tahini dip, and peanut sauce- and cashew-based curries. Here, you can also get delicious raw cakes.

Cantine Indienne

Cantine Indienne in Palolem is a great place to have vegan food if you're ever in South Goa. This entirely vegan farm-to-table restaurant is highly regarded for its mouthwatering fare. Tanjore cuisine is available here, in addition to other dining options.

Popular dishes include lentil dosa, ragi-banana pancakes, medu vada, and almond-cacao balls.

To maintain the restaurant's environmentally friendly status, the proprietors ask patrons who order takeout to supply their own containers. For vegan Indian food, this is one of the top eateries in Goa.

The Alternative

Try the vegan versions of classic Goan cuisine at this wonderful restaurant in Mandrem, North Goa. Come enjoy hearty fare including baked bread sandwiches, bowls of food, hummus and beet salad, and ice cream with chocolate and sweet potatoes.

Here you can also find raw cakes, vegan coconut tacos, and cauliflower wraps. Normally, this eatery is closed during the rainy season.

Therefore, it is advisable to give them a call before going there. When it comes to vegan and healthy cuisine alternatives, this is one of Goa's top eateries.

These are a few of the top vegan eateries in Goa. Around the state, there are a ton more possibilities available to you.

Give a call to schedule your flights right now, if you can't wait to try these and other vegan Goan restaurants! Even last-minute flights to Goa can be booked without any issues. For example, it's possible to get inexpensive flights from Seattle to Mumbai, from whence you may fly to Goa or go there by scenic rail or car. Goa is a stunning coastline state in India.

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