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Best Things To Do in Kotor

Kotor, Montenegro's renowned travel destination, is situated in the picturesque Bay of Kotor off the Adriatic Sea.

Although it has been a popular stop for cruise ships and day trippers from Dubrovnik, there are plenty of exciting things to do in Kotor that are worth exploring for a few days.

Best Things To Do in Kotor

During my two-month stay in Kotor, I had the opportunity to discover the region's stunning hikes, viewpoints, and cultural attractions.

In this guide, I will provide a comprehensive list of activities and experiences in Kotor based on my personal experience.

The Ladder Of Kotor

For those seeking breathtaking views, the Ladder of Kotor is a must-visit hiking trail located behind Kotor Old Town and San Giovanni Fortress.

With its numerous winding switchbacks, the trail leads up to a mountain viewpoint that offers a stunning panoramic view of the Bay of Kotor from an elevation of approximately 940 meters above sea level.

Many adventurers choose to hike up to this viewpoint for sunset, as it provides the best view of Kotor, including the cruise ship-lined bay, Old Town, Vrmac rang, and even the Adriatic Sea.

San Giovanni Fortress

A must-do activity in Kotor is to embark on a stroll along the sturdy and rugged walls of the San Giovanni Fortress, also referred to as Kotor Fortress.

These historical fortifications serve as a protective barrier for the medieval town, consisting of an intricate network of walls, ramparts, towers, citadels, bastions, and forts that stretch up the mountain range towards the Castle of San Giovanni.

To begin this captivating journey, travelers can access the fortifications near the North Gate of the Old City. The entrance fee of 8 euros per person is reasonable considering the significance of this attraction in Kotor and its recognition as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Lady Of The Rocks

Located in the Bay of Kotor, near the charming town of Perast, lies the enchanting Our Lady of the Rocks (Gospa od Škrpjela).

This captivating artificial island is home to a stunning Roman Catholic church and museum, adorned with a mesmerizing blue-domed structure.

Travelers have the opportunity to visit this picturesque island, as well as the neighboring Islet of the Dead (Sveti Đorđe), by embarking on the renowned Kotor Bay Boat Trip or by opting for the convenient 5-euro ferry ride from the Perast town dock.

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