Lowest Paid Jobs in US

Lowest Paid Jobs in US

All things considered, the disparity in income between different geographic areas and occupations in the US is a complicated phenomenon influenced by interrelated economic, social, legal, and private issues.

The most important factors are the employer's ability to pay the required rate and the availability and demand for a particular work post.

Many variables contribute to the huge disparity in income levels between various occupations in the US, including:

Nonfarm Animal Caretaker: $40,390

Dining Room Attendant: $40,188

Taxi Driver: $38,246

Food Preparation Worker: $38,000

Childcare Worker: $37,990

Amusement Park Attendant: $37,807

Sewing Machine Operator: $35,944

Farmworker: $35,354

Packer and Packager, Hand: $33,177

Food Counter Attendant: $31,330

Dry Cleaning Manager: $29,583

Cashier: $29,535

Retail Stock Clerk:$29,165

Home Health Aide: $28,172.

Personal Care Aide: $28,041

Lifeguard: $26,746

Dishwasher: $26,261

Fast Food Cook: $24,859

Host/Hostess, Restaurant, Lounge: $24,591

Service Station Attendant: $24,082

Bartender: $22,894

Manicurist and Pedicurist: $21,906

Presser, Textile, Garment, and Related Material: $21,853

Usher, Lobby Attendant, Ticket Taker: $21,845.

Card or Game Dealer: $18,800

Shampooer in a Salon: $17,355

Lowest Paid Jobs in US

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