Ukraine presses France to bar Russia from the 2024 Olympics.

Ukraine presses France to bar Russia from the 2024 Olympics.

Ukraine desires to get boundless international help for restricting Russian and Belarusian competitors from the Paris Olympics because of Moscow's intrusion, the games serve said on Tuesday.

The International Olympic Committee (IOC) is available to include Russian and Belarusian competitors as neutrals at the 2024 Games and has made a way for them contending in qualifiers.

"This is unsuitable as far as we're concerned," Sports Pastor and previous Olympic hero Vadym Huttsait told Reuters at his offices in Kyiv, next to a wall with representations of competitors killed in the conflict sent off by Moscow a year prior with help from Belarus.

"It is unimaginable as far as we're concerned when the full-scale war is going on, when our competitors, our troopers are shielding our country, our territory, protecting their homes, their families, their parents."

2024 Olympics

The 51-year-old won an Olympic closing group gold in 1992, was junior saber champion in the old Soviet Association four years before that, and trained Ukraine's triumphant group at the 2008 Games.

At least 220 Ukrainian competitors and mentors have passed on in the conflict, Huttsait expressed, with north of 340 games offices harmed or ruined.

"Ukraine will join with numerous nations in Europe and the world ... what's more, it (Russians contending) won't be permitted," he added, saying 40 countries had given Ukrainian competitors lodging and preparing help abroad during the war.

However, there has been minimal public help yet from other countries for an out-and-out prohibition on Russians in Paris.

Russia says its "exceptional military activity" in Ukraine is to safeguard its own security, keeps allegations from getting monstrosities, and says any push to extract it from the worldwide game will fail.

Moscow said on Tuesday it would invite any IOC moves to permit its competitors to contend in the Olympics after the world's top games body took a gander at choices for their re-visitation of international events.

"Certainly, there is an endeavor by the International Olympic Committee to permit our competitors to partake in international rivalries," said Stanislav Pozdnyakov, top of Russia's Olympic Committee.

"Maybe later on Olympic Games too, obviously, we invite it totally," he added while advised against what he said were "extra circumstances" forced on Russian athletes.


The IOC's past suggestion to boycott Russians and Belarusians has been applied by many games federations.

But last week, it upheld a proposition by the Olympic Board of Asia to permit them to contend in Asia, which might actually incorporate Olympic qualifying events.

Should that occur, Ukraine's donning specialists and competitors will confront a "truly challenging choice" whether to blacklist Paris, Huttsait said.

"When we lose such countless individuals, such countless competitors, the existences of Ukrainians are more vital to us than any award at international contests," he said.

Ukrainian officials have turned on the IOC lately for advancing "savagery, mass killings, obliteration" by giving Russia a "stage to advance genocide."

The IOC has called that slanderous and said such words don't advance useful discussion.

On Tuesday, ex-boxing champion Wladimir Klitschko, brother of Kyiv's city hall leader, approached IOC head Thomas Bach not to double-cross the Olympic soul and become an "accessory in this accursed conflict" by letting Russia compete.

Moscow is attempting to turn the page on years of doping outrages after its groups had to contend without their banner or anthem at the Olympics and significant international events.

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2023 Olympic Sports Calendar Dates, Schedule and Upcoming Events

2023 Olympic Sports Calendar Dates, Schedule and Upcoming Events

Lost of medals and trophies will be up for stakes for athletes all through the year.

The year 2023 will be a significant year in the sports calendar with the Olympics qualification cycle set to start (dates varies for the individual game). World Cups and World Titles will be vital which give the biggest number of positioning places (among all occasions) as well as a couple of portion places for the Paris 2024 Olympics.

2023 Olympic Sports Calendar

In this article, we investigate all the occasions that are arranged in the 2023 sports calendar. The timetable for most of the games has been updated and for the other sports, the timetable will be updated as the dates are announced.

2023 Sports Calendar


January 06-12 Asian WTTC Continental Stage, Doha (Table Tennis)

January 10-15 Petronas Malaysia Open (Badminton)

January 11-24 Shotgun World Cup, Rabat (Shooting)

January 13-29 FIH Men’s Hockey World Cup (Hockey)

January 15-29 Australian Open, Melbourne (Tennis)

January 17-22 Yonex Sunrise Open (Badminton)

January 24-29 Daihatsu Indonesia Masters (January)

January 31-5 February Princess Sirivannavari Thailand Masters (Badminton)


February 17-28 Rifle/Pistol World Cup, Cairo (Shooting)

February 20-02 March Asian Shotgun Cup, Kuwait (Shooting)


March 04-15 Shotgun World Cup, Doha (Shooting)

March 07-12 Yonex German Open (Badminton)

March 14-19 Asia Cup Stage 1, Chinese Taipei (Archery)

March 14-19 Yonex All England Badminton Open Championships (Badminton)

March 15-31 Women’s World Championships, New Delhi (Boxing)

March 20-31 Rifle/Pistol World Cup, Bhopal (Shooting)

March 21-26 Yonex Swiss Open (Badminton)

March 25-06 April Shotgun World Cup, Cyprus (Shooting)

March 28-02 April Yonex Spain Masters (Badminton)

March 28-02 April Asian Championships, New Delhi (Boxing)


April 04-09 BWF Orleans Masters (Badminton)

April 11-22 Rifle/Pistol World Cup, Lima (Shooting)

TBA Asia Cup, Leg 2, Uzbekistan (Archery)

April 18-23 Antalya World Cup (Archery)

April 21-23 Bouldering World Cup, Hachioji (Climbing)

April 28-30 Bouldering and Speed World Cup, Seoul (Climbing)

April 25-06 May Shotgun World Cup, Cairo (Shooting)


May 01-14 Men’s World Boxing Championships, Tashkent (Boxing)

May 03-13 Asian Championships, Jinju (Weightlifting)

May 04-15 Rifle/Pistol World Cup, Baku (Shooting)

May 05-07 World Cup, Zagreb (Rowing)

May 05 Diamond League, Doha (Athletics)

May 06-07 Speed World Cup, Indonesia (Climbing)

May 07-14 Judo World Championships, Qatar (Judo)

May 14-21 BWF Sudirman Cup Finals (Badminton)

May 16-21 Shanghai World Cup (Archery)

May 19-21 Bouldering and Speed World Cup, Salt Lake City (Climbing)

May 20-31 Shotgun World Cup, Almaty (Shooting)

May 23-28 Malaysia Masters (Badminton)

May 20-28 World Championships, Durban (Table Tennis)

May 28 Diamond League, Rabat (Athletics)

May 28-11 June French Open, Paris (Tennis)

May 30-04 June Thailand Open (Badminton)

May 30-07 June World Surfing Games, EL Salvador (Surfing)


June 02 Diamond League, Florence (Athletics)

June 02-12 Grand Prix, Havana (Weightlifting)

June 02-04 Bouldering World Cup, Prague (Climbing)

June 06-11 Singapore Masters (Badminton)

June 05-10 Asia Cup Leg 3, Singapore (Archery)

June 09-11 Bouldering World Cup, Brixen

June 09 Diamond League, Paris (Athletics)

June 13-18 Medellin World Cup (Archery)

June 13-18 Indonesian Open (Badminton)

June 14-18 Bouldering and Lead World Cup, Innsbruck (Climbing)

June 15 Diamond League, Oslo (Athletics)

June 16-18 World Cup, Varese (Rowing)

June 20-25 Taipei Open (Badminton)

June 30 Diamond League, Luasanne (Athletics)

June 30-02 July Lead and Speed World Cup, Villars (Climbing)


July 02 Diamond League, Stockholm (Athletics)

July 03-16 Wimbledon Championships, London (Tennis)

July 04-09 Canada Open (Badminton)

July 06-17 Shotgun World Cup, Lonato (Shooting)

July 07-09 World Cup, Lucerne (Rowing)

July 11-16 US Open (Badminton)

July 14-30 World Aquatic Championships, Japan (Swimming)

July 14-15 Lead and Speed World Cup, Chammonix (Climbing)

July 22-23 Lead World Cup, Briancon (Climbing)

July 16 Diamond League, Chorsow (Athletics)

July 21 Diamond League, Herculis (Athletics)

July 18-23 Korea Open (Badminton)

July 23 Diamond League, London (Athletics)

July 25-30 Japan Open (Badminton)

July 29 Diamond League, Shanghai (Athletics)

July 31-06 August World Archery Championships, Germany (Archery)


August 01-12 World Climbing Championships, Bern (Archery)

August 03 Diamond League, Shenzhen (Athletics)

August 03-13 World Championships, Glasgow (Cycling)

August 01-06 Australian Open (Badminton)

August 08-13 New Zealand Open (Badminton)

August 10-20 Allianz World Championships, The Hague (Sailing)

August 15-20 Paris World Cup (Archery)

August 19-27 World Athletic Championships, Budapest (Athletics)

August 21-27 TotalEnergies World Championships (Badminton)

August 28-09 September US Open, New York (Tennis)

August 31 Diamond League, Zurich (Athletics)

TBA Women’s Pro League (Hockey)


September 02-07 World Championships, Riyadh (Weightlifting)

September 03-10 Asian Table Tennis Championships, Korea (Table Tennis)

September 03-10 World Championships, Belgrade (Rowing)

TBA Asian Championships (Rowing)

September 08 Diamond League, Brussels (Athletics)

September 08-09 Lead World Cup, Koper (Climbing)

September 09-10 Wrestling World Cup, Coralville (Wrestling)

September 14-31 World Championships, Baku (Shooting)

September 16-17 Diamond League Finals, Eugene (Athletics)

September 16-24 World Championships, Belgrade (Wrestling)

September 22-24 Lead and Speed World Cup, Wujiang (Climbing)

September 23-08 October, China (Asian Games)

September 29-08 October Artistic Championships, Antwerp (Gymnastics)


October 10-15 Arctic Open (Badminton)

October 17-22 Denmark Open (Badminton)

October 22-02 November Asian Championships, Changwon (Shooting)

October 28-05 July 2023 Men’s Hockey Pro League (Hockey)

October 24-29 French Open (Badminton)


November 04-12 Asian Championships, Bangkok (Archery)

November 14-19 Japan Masters (Badminton)

November 21-26 China Masters (Badminton)

November 23-03 December Syed Modi International (Badminton)


December 01-17 Grand Prix, Doha (Weightlifting)

December 13-17 BWF World Tour Finals (Badminton)

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