The Harry Potter character who was bigger in the books

The books reveal that Mrs. Figg is a squib (an individual born to a minimum of one magical father or mother, however is unable to supply magic) and that she can also be an authentic member of The Order of the Phoenix.

Mrs. Figg babysat Harry yearly on Dudley’s birthday, typically boring him with footage of her cats (part-kneazles). Within the movies she is portrayed as a form and easy individual, however within the books she comes off extra bitter, and purposefully makes Harry dislike her in order that the Dursleys will proceed to permit her to regulate him. “I used to be to regulate you however not say something. You have been too younger,” she informed him. “I’m sorry I gave you such a depressing time, Harry, however the Dursleys would by no means have allow you to come in the event that they’d thought you loved it. It wasn’t simple, you already know … “

Within the movie model of Order of the Phoenix, Mrs. Figg lives on Privet Drive, whereas within the books she lives on Wisteria Stroll. She’s typically neglected as one of many bravest characters within the collection. Followers of the character on reddit started a thread praising Mrs. Figg for her bravery in becoming a member of the Order and defending Harry for years regardless of her incapability to make use of magic. It’s fairly an accomplishment to tackle Voldemort when, as she tells Harry, she “by no means a lot as transfigured a teabag.”

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